James Day is an artist with a strong focus in sculpture. James is the son of a sculptor, (Cathie’s Fine Art), so he’s been working with clay for as long as he can remember. He draws, paints, sculpts, works in graphic art & design, software design, and dabbles in product & toy design. He’s also the creative director and co owner of a technology consulting, software development, and web design company.

When James has time he prefers working with his hands using all types of clay, acrylics, oils, pencils, pen & inks, and occasionally pastels and charcoal. The styles of art he works in span Modernism, Realism, Dadaism, Art Deco, Cubism, Visionary Realism, to Surrealism.

James’ original sculptures, paintings, and drawings, limited edition sculptures and prints of his work are available. Send a message via the contacts page for more information, or for exhibitions or other related matters.

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